Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The last post. This is the River Moervaart back to Lokeren to moor Snail for the winter, following our friends from England that we welcomed to Belgium back in May.

It's been a varied year full of memorable experiences. And next year?

We are hearing rumours from boating associations as well as commercial ships that the French waterways authority (the VNF) are seriously threatening to close for good 1300km of canals to save money. They will do this over the next two years with the loss of more than 400 jobs. It seems sensible to head for these while they are still there to be explored.

Paris in the springtime, here we come.


  1. Just trying to leave a comment again. If this works, I'll go through them all. I love this photo. It even feels like the end of the journey with the fading light and shadows, Beautiful Ann and Ollie!

  2. Oooh thank you. Not up to Koos' standard tho! Missed your comments so v. pleased to see they're back. xx

  3. Your plans for the French canal's sound wonderful! Happy and safe voyage :o)

  4. Thank you! Having a 'planning' session Saturday if you can get over....Not that we ever keep to any plans but it's enthusing, especially in this freeze,to pretend.How's your new narrowboat life going? Think you're great to take it on alone. Know I wouldn't be able to manage Snail without skipper, a worrying thought if I let it be!