Monday, December 3, 2012

And this inside the tank at Strepy boat lift. Only 73 metres to go to get to the top and all this hydraulic trickery set going just for us.
I've been asked for some more pictures of the Belgian boat lifts that we used again this autumn so here's one of the Inclined Plane at Ronquieres. This is one of the two tanks being sent up the rails from the bottom of the hill to come and get us waiting at the top and take us all the way back down.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Time to return for the winter via Gent, always our favourite Belgian city. Ideas for Snail's decoration here perhaps although skipper's sharpening his carving tools ready for a busy winter ahead. Will publish the results when the blog re-commences with our travels next spring.
We've a lot planned but after displeasing the gods so thoroughly in 2011, daren't mention them out loud......

Loved this Art Nouveau building in Brussels. It had once been a department store and is now a museum with a seriously large collection of musical instruments. Sadly closed the day we were there so could only see tantalising glimpses of the still original interior through the windows.

We were still at Halle for the 31st October, an apt place to be! Thanks for the pumpkins, Lauren.
We are advised not to moor in Brussels so stop at Halle, a short train ride away. The commercials pass very close to us moored on the town quay wall but mercifully very slowly with three low bridges to negotiate. This peniche powered on the reverse when the skipper remembered at the last minute that, although they had lowered the wheelhouse, they still had their car on the back deck.

We have a few weeks before we need to moor Snail up for the winter and head south to the Belgian Ardennes. On our return we decide to try out the commercially busy canal that goes through Brussels. This takes us through one of the deepest of Belgian locks, Ittre.

Out at Wisbech, back in at Terneuzen

Monday, September 3, 2012

Not normally where you'd find a hole in a boat. 
Repairs now all finished, thank you Fox's, ferry booked, back to where we want to be on 21st September.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Poor Snail had an univited guest arrive last week. She's had enough of England now and will be returning very soon to her Wanderings. 

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

And that was that. While still in dry dock, Skipper's health took a sudden and totally out-of-the-blue nose dive of life-threatening proportions leading to the 'gap year' decision.

Wanderings should resume its course in 2013.

Gap Year

The year did not go as planned although we did manage to get Snail out of the water to look at her bottom. Shame the mussels weren't of the edible variety.