Monday, November 16, 2009

The delightfully named town of Weesp, just out of Amsterdam on the way to the river Vecht.

Unfortunately the moorings were very expensive along the entire length of the town's waterfront so we pushed on.


  1. OK Boooooring
    How well do the solar panels work and how many are there?
    Good to see you posting by the way.

  2. Sorry to bore you! We've 4 monocrystaline solar panels that produce 90watts each. They're bloody good and are keeping our knackered batteries going a bit longer. On a sunny day, they power the washing machine. Used to have to do a 3hr engine run daily, now only 1.Paid for themselves in the first year.Email if you want contact details of supplier who will deliver to the boat.And fit them if nec. And a good price.