Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Winter in Belgium

Apparently this hasn't happened for years! Quite surreal having people look in on the boat from the water side.
We awoke one morning to a very cold boat. The temp had dropped in the night to -18 which had frozen the diesel in the tank and cut off our heating.


  1. Hi Anne and Olly. Were you the same people that had the boat when it was at Floods Ferry in... ooh... 2003ish? (afraid I can only ever remember boats' names, not people's). We had a 22' plastic cruiser then, Helyn, but things have moved on a bit as you can see at www.nbwarrior.blogspot.com. Certainly looking forward to reading about your Europe cruising. And thanks to Harnser's crew for pointing me in your direction.

  2. Wow! That's amazing. We were just saying that we thought you must have thawed out by now, but obviously not! No heating does not sound good news. Can you still get water?
    V xx

  3. Just enjoying your blog. Amazing Crazy weather. Hope you are both snuggling together. We have not long had - 13 & as usual it froze the bathroom, but nobody walking past & peering in (it's in the attic). Would need some good drifts. Talking of which it has been snowing this morning & then lovely sunshine.