Friday, January 23, 2009

July 2008

Navigating along the commercial Canal Central, we diverted right to experience the four Anderton -type boat lifts on what is now the Canal Historique.
They are no longer used for commercial traffic which, with boats being built bigger and bigger, outgrew them, but are still manned by a team (ofcourse) just for pleasure boats.
Middle of the summer but it remains very quiet around here and we have the entire canal with it's wonderful lifts all to ourselves and consequently operated just for us. All this for free. There's not even a licence requirement in Walloon for pleasure boats! However, they do still require tons of paperwork to be done at certain locks and waiting for their computer to spew it out can get to you. It's all a bureaucratic nonsense but you smile sweetly to keep the lockkeepers helpful.

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