Wednesday, January 21, 2009

June 2008

More free moorings with electricity included encorouges us to stay and explore the rather exclusive town of Kortrijk.
When we return to the boat many people stop to talk and admire our 'smalboot' including a Flemish man called Francis and his son. Francis offers to take us to a specialist beer cafe as skipper has expressed an interest in all things brewed so off we go and have a great time with this kind and generous man.
This spontaneous generosity will become a feature of our travels in Belgium and was one of the reasons we decided to stay longer.


  1. Brilliant. I am in the process of building my narrowboat and I have tried to incorporate things useful for taking it abroad in a few years time. So I will read your last years exploits with interest.

  2. Try not to feel you need to add too many extras. Easy to do, especially if you read the books on boating in Europe. But... We woke one morning to find a nb moored in front of us. It had no mast, no flags, no lights, in fact nothing to distinguish it from a boat on the UK cut. Turns out he's been single-handing round Europe for the last 9 years with only the very recent addition of a handheld VHF as a nod to the so called requirements.He's had no problems at all.