Tuesday, January 21, 2014

No sooner had we tied up for the evening when the Wasserpolizei suddenly appeared. Papers! It is verboten to be on this river! You must pay a fine and be accompanied off or pay for a pilot! And when are you leaving Germany?! So, this is us being escorted off the Elbe by the police boat with our cruiser friends very upset on our behalf following at a safe distance. It turns out that Snail is regarded as much too long, although we never did find out for what. We also cannot go on the Oder so that's Poland out as well. Then we are warned off Berlin - so many police there. Sadly we begin to come to terms with the realisation that this is the end of our ambitions for this year and forever in Snail in this country. And then wondered if that ferryman had had a hand in it all.

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