Monday, November 15, 2010

Paris moorings are around 70 euros a night for our length of boat so we moor in the Parc de la Villette for free. There is round the clock security in this amazing science and culture park that helps to make us feel safe here in such a public place. It was all converted from the old Paris meat market in the 1980's. The canal that runs through the middle of it still carries a little commercial traffic and there are many Paris trip boats going past us for which we provide an unusual spectacle.
The giant silvery dome of the Geode dominates the park and houses a 'wrap around' cinema. Behind it is the science museum on three enormous floors. Then there's the music conservatoire and museum, open air cinema and the park gardens which contain art museums. Every day and evening in the summer there's free music suiting all tastes going on somewhere in the park. A stay of a month would probably be enough to see it all, our three days just gave us a flavour.

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