Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Now at Pommeroeul in good time for our slot at the boatyard mid-August, moored on the waiting wall for the first lock on this fairly new but silted up and long disused canal in to France. Temujin is being bow hauled in the traditional way to nestle up to Snail as we are in for a long wait. The boatyard that Temujin booked many months ago is not ready for us. There is a boat on the trolley that arrived for its fortnight slot in March and is still there. By the end of the month, we all realise that nothing is going to change and we make alternative arrangements with a more reliable if expensive boatyard in the Netherlands.
Before we leave a rave takes place one Saturday night across the fields, followed on the Sunday morning by two yoofs in a van going over the wall a few feet behind us, nose first in to the canal. They miraculously survive to tell the tale and so did Snail this time. Memories of JCB's.....

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