Friday, November 21, 2014

Now on our way to Leeuwarden, the city of Friesland but are stopped in our tracks by this sign, an out of order lift bridge. Arrangements are made to open it for us the next day and in the meantime Woody makes friends with the farm dog from the opposite bank. This is one of the dairy farms whose methods are growing in popularity here. Outside the meadows are empty, apart from the tractors who everyday cut the grass and take it to enormous enclosed barns in the farmyard. These are full of cows who never go outside with lighting that is kept on to artificially extend the day length. This apparently leads to higher milk yields. Outside there were 8 small huts each with a calf inside. The crying of the calves and the constant mooing of the cows were to keep us awake that night.


  1. How awful! Isn't that against animal rights? I shall stop drinking milk immediately :-(

  2. The farmers and their supporters will list a whole raft of benefits for the cows and it's not only in Holland, the Archers has a 'mega' dairy too run on the same lines! Seeing the daily work for the tractors who had to cut the grass to feed the cows made it all look pointless.