Sunday, September 8, 2013

But the good news is that at last my book, A Cigar in Belgium about our first year in mainland Europe with Snail has been published and is available from bookshops, Amazon and best of all for my royalties, from the publisher at


  1. Been plugging it on Twitter this very day :-)

  2. Hi

    I finally got it to download to my ipad after a lot of phaffing about with iOS upgrades as the Bluefire reader would only work on 7.

    Enjoying the book now. We with Ray B's advice think Belgium will be our start point next spring.

    I am Biggles on the Forum and I have a blog on my boat build.


  3. Have just seen this! Hope you found the book helpful and that you enjoy cruising in Belgium too. We'll be back there this autumn so will keep an eye out for you.