Tuesday, January 3, 2012

And that was that. While still in dry dock, Skipper's health took a sudden and totally out-of-the-blue nose dive of life-threatening proportions leading to the 'gap year' decision.

Wanderings should resume its course in 2013.


  1. O gosh your news is not great. I do so trust that the Skipper will soon recuperate and return to a life of health strength and happiness.
    I will remember you all in my meditations.

  2. It was a heart wrenching decision, I know, and still brigs prickles to my eyes. I won't forget our last evening with you in Sas and waving you off in Terneuzen. Still, I *am* looking forward to welcoming you back next year. We think of you often in our own wanderings. Hugs galore xxx

  3. We read your blog before buying our boat - and were more than a little bit jealous. When our children are off the payroll we will follow your lead and head out there.

    I do hope you can start wandering again next year.