Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Just had to include this photo of our terrier in the aftermath of his snowplough impression. He's certainly had plenty of opportunity this winter.
Just as we are planning to leave in a couple of weeks, the forecast is for yet more snow.
As long as the ice stays away from the river, Snail will be away again.


  1. Haha Qnne, he looks as if he's had his face stuck in the cream bowl. I do hope it won't snow too much again. This winter has been quite long enough already! Lots of love to you both...and I WILL read your chapter this week. Just finished my grading of preentations, got a new course starting tomorrow, but this weekend will be more or less free! Yippee!!

  2. Hooray! Come over this weekend if you want. Oll's off to UK next week for the bike mot but not til Tues.
    Brian - there's no other way. Iceballs stick like the proverbial.

  3. Why does it feel like the longest winter every, snow snow thick thick snow, with no promisses of warmer stuff in the near future. Keep cruising

  4. Ice has returned to the river but melts in the sun during the day so still hoping to get away next week.