Friday, July 31, 2009

Near the Belgium/Netherlands border, canalside at Dessel, is this delightful sculpture. In the background is the 120ft Sas tower. When we reached the top an elderly gent had set up a telescope (which he must have lugged up all those stairs, no wonder he had a rosy coloured face!)and pointed out the sights to us. We were amazed how much of Flanders was forested.

That night we ascended the tower, now spotlit, again. A storm was gathering with thunder and lightening rolling round the tower. A dramatic goodbye to lovely Belgium. Tomorrow, the Netherlands.

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  1. Well, now I'm confused. I was sure I'd left a comment here, but it seems I've forgotten to do that too. Either I'm too busy or the advancing years are really taking advantage!

    I love this sculpture. Quite precious and very expressive too. Your pic of Antwerp harbour is also great. It sounds as if you will miss Belgium, and you probably will, although Holland has some lovely lovely spots too. Belgium is special though.