Saturday, June 20, 2009

We still have a few days left before our French 'vignette' runs out. From Calais we go to Dunkirk, then down the little canal de Bergues, a deadend, finishing in this beautiful little town. It is still surrounded by Vauban's angular and canalised fortifications of the 17th century, the most complete we have found on our travels so far and we spend a few happy days here.


  1. Am very inspired by Bergues. Am thinking of doing a quick recce by car! By the way, you posted a picture of your friends in a very deep lock in April (I think) and I was wondering where it was. Is it the lock at Fontinettes near the old boat lift?

  2. No,in Belgium possibly at Herelbeke on the way to Kortrijk.
    You won't be able to see much of the Bergues ramparts from the car. The tourist info does a fair map of them for walking them.Full of undisturbed wildlife cos humans can't reach the islands. We watched hundreds of Little Egrets returning to a heronry every evening!